What Cardinals Eat in the Wild

What Cardinals eat in the wild
What Cardinals eat in the wild is unknown to beginning birders.
For those of you in these shoes, please read on as this article addresses what Cardinals eat as they forage for food in the wild.
As Northern Cardinals forage in the wild, they eat primarily seeds and fruit. Their diet also includes a minor portion of insects.
First, though, what seeds and fruit do Cardinals eat?

  • sunflower
  • wild grape
  • grasses
  • mulberry
  • hackberry
  • blackberry
  • tulip-tree
  • dogwood
  • buckwheat
  • sedges
  • sumac

This bird’s diet also includes a great variety of insects, although this food source supplements their diet:

  • beetles
  • katydids
  • cicadas
  • centipedes
  • butterflies
  • crickets
  • leafhoppers
  • flies
  • spiders
  • moths
Once nestlings are born, they too are fed mostly insects.

You now know what Cardinals eat in the wild. Learn later from Feeding Backyard Birds what to feed Cardinals at your bird feeders.
– Craig Curtis

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