Time to keep feeders up

We previously discussed weaning backyard birds onto your feeder foods. In doing this, you may have noticed that at first, wild birds were busy at your feeders even though you may have not kept them up all day.

Now, you probably find few wild birds at your feeders. This is likely happening because other bird watchers in your area have feeders up – possibly all day.
I myself, have them up from 11:00 until 7:00. Thus, my neighbors are seeing my feathered friends in the morning – I often do not see them until afternoon.
Though food sources (insects, weed seeds, and berries) are still available, you may want to keep feeders up to keep a group of backyard birds at your feeders throughout the day. After all, you have put out the welcome mat, so make them at home.
As for myself, I am keeping my feeders up all day long.
– Craig Curtis

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