Native plants for summer nesting and cover

As mentioned earlier, in summer, wild birds instinctively fend for themselves. As they search, they must not only find native plants to feed from, they also must find sufficient cover and nesting because of habitat destruction in developing areas.
Many who enjoy bird watching like to help wild birds by providing birdhouses as nesting boxes. While this does aid wild birds, it only helps to an extent. In addition to providing birdhouses, bird watchers can help wild birds greatly by planting native plants that serve as cover and nesting. Bird watchers greatly reduce the stress of backyard birds that are in great need of these necessities.
Wild birds have a better source of protection from the tree’s foliage, and keep cool in its shade.
As a bird watcher, what should you plant to provide cover and nesting for wild birds?
Here are a few suggestions.

Native cover and nesting for summer

Logically, coniferous plants (evergreens) provide food,

cover and nesting all throughout the year. Whereas, deciduous plants only provide nesting and shelter spring — fall while they produce fruit at various times of the year.

For this reason, we will feature deciduous plants for the shelter and nesting they provide in summer.


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