My backyard birds have gone green!

Over this past late spring, I have noticed robins
and wrens nesting in our yard.

One robin has nested over a spotlight which lies under an attic vent. Once the chicks were raised, the mother left the nest, and before we could remove the abandoned nest, a new mother robin moved in to an old nest!

This also took place with a mother wren that nested in a nest box by our thin wood line. After her young were raised, she left, and a second wren moved in to that same nest.

That saves time, energy, and materials! Similar to what many people are striving to do to help the environment.

 – Craig Curtis

One thought on “My backyard birds have gone green!

  • July 8, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Interesting observation! What makes you think both birds were different individuals than the first ones to use the nests? Both American Robins and House Wrens may have several broods in a season.
    Since the momma robin and the momma wren moved in so quickly, it’s not logical that they would have the time to search for a nesting place and mate. It was immediate action. Also, the second robin had a different personality than the first.


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